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Can you help?
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Can you help?
Submitted By etah on 12/04/12
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Hi everyone!
I was just wondering if there is an easy way of finding this game because on my computer at least, it is REALLY hard to find. There is loads of games and websites in front of it and in the end, I had to look in my computer's history!
   I don't have any ideas myself on how to get past my problem apart from changing the game name which would be hard and probably not worth it :P and I don't know if you find it a problem too. If you have a good way of getting in, could you please tell me an easier way?
Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
PS: Sorry I am putting out a lot of posts and stuff right now, it's just I'd like to find out more about this game, because it sounds pretty cool!

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Re: Can you help?
1 day - 3,527v
Posted 2012/04/13 - 4:31 GMT
Um, I'm not sure what your having trouble with... :(. Are you having trouble finding it after downloading...?
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Re: Can you help?
5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2012/04/13 - 7:13 GMT
No, when I type 3:16 Games into google loads of stuff just comes up first and I can't download it, it comes up with a Proxy error or something...
Here is a pic of the Proxy error:
It didn't have the pink box, and sorry it is a bit small. This is what it said:

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /download.php.

Reason: DNS lookup failure for: www.mediafire.com

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Re: Can you help?
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/04/13 - 20:21 GMT
Are you using a Proxy Server? I'm looking up proxy errors right now, hmmmm. What browser are you using? Cause if you're using firefox, here's the link.

Sorry, I'm not that good with computers.. well, I kinda know about proxy, cause I've used it before, but.. That's never occured to me before, sorry.
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Re: Can you help?
5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2012/04/13 - 20:47 GMT
Ya, I am using firefox and thanks :) I could use safari if it would make things easier? EDIT: Wait, never mind, got it! Thanks Bob!
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Re: Can you help?
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/09/18 - 20:44 GMT
Go to 316games.plexpedia.com, and then bookmark it.

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