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Tell me your thoughts!
Submitted By kirbyfreak on 12/10/04
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Since I just noticed I actually have people looking at the site, how many of you are playing the game?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Favorite parts?  Bugs?  I have a newer version in the works for Mac users, and a MUCH newer version for you Windows folks (which I am now part of as I built my own recently :P ) coming in the next two months.  I'm hoping to get GameMaker Studio for Christmas so I can build for both OS's with my Windows (GameMaker is on Steam now!), so hopefully you'll get to see the wonderful changes I have made.  Trust me, the current Windows version sucks compared to the new one. :P  So, anyways, tell me what you think!

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Posted 2012/10/21 - 19:40 GMT
Hi! I think your game is pretty cool :) I havn't really done much with it yet, but I think it is a great beginning xD It might be interesting if you could switch gravity in the middle of the air, and I feel it would open an ability to develope skill with the game. Perhaps if it had some more color? I will try to give you some more feedback when I have enough time to go through all of the weapons and stuff :D
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Posted 2012/10/23 - 2:34 GMT
Thanks for the feedback!  In terms of the mid-air switching, I decided before I made the game that I wouldn't do that, because while it would involve skill, it would essentially give you the ability to fly...  I mean, no one would even walk anymore!  :P  I might experiment with it though and see if it does make the game more fun.  Might make fights more interesting, and I guess I could always put the option in to turn it off.  And about the color, I have recognized that this is a problem, and will fix it once I get all the mechanics working.  The art right now is kinda placeholder kinda not.  Hopefully I'll give people to choose their own colors for their characters.  Also, are you using the Mac or the Windows version?
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Posted 2012/10/23 - 20:03 GMT
windows xD
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Posted 2012/10/23 - 22:40 GMT
Oh man, that version is super old :P If you like that version I can't wait to see how you like it when I finally get the windows version working :D
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Posted 2012/10/24 - 20:56 GMT
cool! :D i look forward to it :D :D :D

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