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The State of Stuff
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Submitted By kirbyfreak on 12/10/18
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So, I have to be honest. I haven't worked on the game in a few months. But I plan on finishing up the rotating cameras and revised control scheme and starting on finishing the gravity flips so I can get a somewhat finished version submitted to a college scholarship so I can go learn how to officially program instead of teaching myself GameMakers coding language. Once I finish 9.8 (the new name for the Gravity Game), or maybe a bit before, a few friends and I have a plan for a iPod game, and I have another, much more ambitious GameMaker game. No promises on any of those games, but I am committed to getting 9.8 done. I really want to add online multiplayer so we can get an actual community going, so while I finish stuff up feel free to encourage people to try out the game and check back once in a while! Windows updates should be up after Christmas. Well, that's all!

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Re: The State of Stuff
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Posted 2012/10/19 - 0:13 GMT
Cool! Can't wait Kirby! :D

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